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Driving Licence Conversion in Belgium amid Brexit


Drivers License Conversion in Belgium for British Nationals Amid Brexit

Citizens from the European Union countries enjoy the privilege of driving using their foreign driver’s license in Belgium. Similarly, non-EU foreigners can drive in Belgium using their foreign driving licenses but for a restricted period of six months and in some cases they may be required to have international driving permits. British citizens residing in Belgium risk losing this privilege in the event of a no-deal Brexit. A no-deal Brexit was once seen unlikely but as time elapses it is becoming eminently plausible. Its outcomes will be disastrous as British citizens in European countries will lose most of the privileges they enjoyed for being members of the European Union and driving using foreign license in Belgium will be one of them. It is, therefore, meaningful for the British citizens living in Belgium to brace themselves for the impending hard times by familiarizing themselves with the easier process of exchanging their foreign licenses for Belgium valid licenses rather than applying for new ones as non-EU citizens. We found you some of the options that you can consider.

  1. Exchange your UK License with a Belgium License

As a British citizen, you can exchange your license for a Belgium driving license without having to re-sit your driving test or carrying your license wherever you go. However, this option is only valid up to 29th March 2019 and it is critical for you to make maximum use of it to avoid the rigor that will follow later. In the event of no-deal Brexit, the UK license will no longer be valid in Belgium After 29th March 2019. Therefore, all UK citizens will be treated as non-EEA citizens and you will be required to register with the municipal authorities within their area of residence. Additionally, you will have to undertake and pass a driving test involving theory and practical tests.

  1. Get an International Driving Permit

Alternatively, you can obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Belgium. However, the IDP lasts for 12 months and you risk facing different enforcement action for not having the correct IDP. Additionally, you will have to pay significant fees every time you are applying for the IDP. Therefore, it is reasonable for you as a UK citizen in Belgium to capitalize on the period before 29th March 2019 to exchange your license for the Belgium valid license in anticipation of a no-deal Brexit.

Our point of View

Exchanging your license is an easier process that entails filing necessary details with the Belgium authorities in the municipality you are registered. You stand to continue enjoying your driving in Belgium without having to take another driving test or going through the rigorous process of applying for a Belgium driving license as a non-EEA citizen.

Final Remark

Briefly, the no-deal Brexit now seems plausible than never before. UK citizens in Belgium risk losing their driving privileges in Belgium in the event of a no deal. It is vital for you as British citizen to exchange your UK license for the Belgium license since it will save you time and energy.




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