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Saudi Arabia Visa Endorsement Services in UK



Saudi Arabia Visa Services Endorsement in UK

Every time you think of visiting Saudi Arabia tourist or business purposes as a UK national you should think of taking advantage of the Saudi Arabia Visa endorsement services in the UK. As UK citizen wishing to work in Saudi Arabia, you need to have a sponsor in Saudi Arabia to validate your access to jobs in Saudi Arabia. Our company provides you with the opportunity to enjoy hassle-free access to visa type of your choice by getting you endorsement and connection with sponsors offering jobs in Saudi Arabia and government agencies that authenticate your travel documents. The requirements for accessing visa vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the business you have in Saudi Arabia.


Business Visa

As a UK national wishing to visit Saudi Arabia on business visa there are requirements that you need to meet. One, you need to have a UK passport that is valid for at least Six months and filled application letter for the Saudi Arabian business visa. Our company will assist you to access a copy of the company’s business registration in Saudi and a letter from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia indicating your position in the company. It is tedious to get all this documentation and follow all the procedures stipulated especially when you have no information about where to start. However, through our visa endorsement services, you can get all the assistance needed to have all the documents on a timely basis.


Family Visa

As an expatriate employee in Saudi Arabia, you may need to shift with your family to the country.  Our company will assist you by endorsing your request to travel with your family to Saudi Arabia. We will guide you and help you have your document attested by the Saudi Consulate in your country. We will also guide you through the requirements of shifting with your family to Saudi Arabia since expatriates are subject to dependent expatriate tax.  We will connect you with your sponsor and arrange for your family visa and residency permits thus saving you time and resources.

Resident Visa

When shifting to Saudi Arabia, you need to have a residency visa that gives you permit to live in the country. The residency visa does not give you the permit to work in Saudi Arabia. We can have your process of applying for the residency visa eased by having all your documentation processed in a timely manner by connecting you with the various government agencies.


Briefly, Visa endorsement services help to ease your struggles in obtaining the necessary documentation that you need to access, work or live in Saudi Arabia. Our company connects you with sponsors in Saudi Arabia and helps you in meeting all requirements during visa processing. We save you the struggle of processing the documents alone and thus saving you time and resources.



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